Home Theater/Media Room

Customize your home entertainment experience with a system from Sound City Electronics.
Whether you have space for a dedicated theater room, or a multi-purpose media room, we can create a complete entertainment experience. 

From acoustics and sound proofing, to high definition projectors and surround systems, our designers will explore every option available to you. We will recommend what type of video display is best, LCD, Plasma or Projector, based on the amount of natural light in your room. At the same time we will review your needs and look at your installation options. Whether you will be utilizing your existing AV cabinet or are looking for a rack system, the most important issue is system stability and cooling.

Use a video media server to store all your movies centrally while also making them available to any room in the house. Start a movie in one room, and finish it in another, with out missing a beat or having to search for your place. No longer spend hours searching for the movie your heart was set on to find out the disk is lost or damaged. Reclaim the space you are using to store DVD’s and Home Movies. We are ready to help meet your needs and customize your solution to your specifications.

No more hassling around with 5 different remote controls. Press one button on your one remote and your theater turns on to your favorite movie, the lights dim, the curtains open, and the sound perfectly adjusts to your selection. We consolidate the operation of all of your home electronic systems and remove all the complications and make your system truly easy to operate.

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