Temperature Control

If you’re concerned about how much energy you use – or waste – on heating and cooling, we can help. Simply set your system to follow the seasons, time of day or outside temperature and it can control your shades and thermostat to create the most efficient energy use while still maintaining a comfortable environment. You can use our systems to manage your lights, one of the biggest energy wastes in any home. The system can set lights to automatically dim by just a small percentage. Your eyes won’t notice, but your electric bill will. You can also use motion sensors to turn lights on and off automatically when rooms are unoccupied, and use a simple “all off” or “good-bye” button to make sure that your family hasn’t left on unnecessary lights when you’re not there.

Smart thermostats can give you simple convenient control over the comfort of your home. Not only can you program your thermostats to know when your home and when your out, but if your schedule changes a keypad near your front door automatically signals your house that your leaving and adjusts the temperature accordingly. If you come home early, remote access allows you to adjust your heating or air conditioning so your house is comfortable by the time your arrive. You can even automate your shades to open and close with sunlight, reducing the work that your climate control system has to do thereby saving even more energy.

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